Online Therapy and Supervision

Some of our clinicians offer therapy and supervision for other professionals online via Zoom or Skype. One to one private counselling sessions take place over a video link on your mobile, tablet, laptop or computer. We want to make sure everyone has access to therapy should they need it, and for whatever reason an online sessions might be best for you.

Why have an online session?

  • If travelling or leaving your home is difficult or inconvenient, speaking to a clinician online can take the stress out of getting to our clinic
  • You may not live locally to Sheffield but be interested in accessing sessions from one of our therapies or clinicians
  • Having therapy from the comfort of your own home may allow you to feel more open about your mental health.
  • You may want to combine the convenience of online working with sessions in person.

How do I access online sessions?

We ask that you are in a confidential place during therapy or supervision, free form distractions and interruption. You will need to have downloaded either Zoom or Skype, which are both video call software. If you need help downloading or setting up your Zoom or Skype, please contact us and we will send instructions.

We use Zoom and Skype because they are both secure platforms used by many practising therapists. The benefits of using Zoom are that all of our conversation is privacy protected by an end-to-end encrypted connection. Although it is secure, Skype does not have this protection. Before therapy, please see the Skype and Zoom websites to familiarise yourself with their security and requirements.

Please note that this type of therapy is not suitable for everyone depending on their situation and what they want help with. For this reason, wherever possible we ask to meet with you for the first therapy consultation in person and discuss the best way forward.

Clients must be based in the UK to commence with therapy.

For enquiries and prices please contact us.