Client Satisfaction

All clients who come for an initial consultation and/or therapy are sent anonymous satisfaction questionnaires via Survey Monkey 3-6 months after their last therapy session. From October 2015-May 2018 90 clients were invited to reply with a 18% (16 people) response rate.

  • 94% felt the service offered was good value.
  • 94% would recommend the service to a friend (75% responded "yes definitely" and 19% responded "yes I think so").
  • 94% would use the service again (75% responded "yes definitely" and 19% responded "yes I think so").
  • 94% were satisfied to very satisfied with the therapy they received (75% were very satisfied and 19% were satisfied).
  • 87% were satisfied with the wait for their first appointment (56% were very satisfied and 31% were satisfied), 13% had mixed feelings.
  • 81% felt at all times involved in making choices about their treatment and care, 13% felt this most of the time and 6% felt this sometimes.

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