Client’s Advice to People Considering Therapy

"Don't be afraid to ask for the therapy to be tweaked and adapted to meet your needs. We all understand in a different way, for me having more visual mapping really helped." (Client A, 04/03/2016).

"Continue to use the methods and the recording of coping activities - it's so easy to slip back in to old behaviours if you forget to be be self aware and fail to continue with your strategies / activities." (Client B, 13/03/2016).

"As difficult as going to therapy is, it is to be highly recommended. Afford yourself the time to experience and enjoy it. Particularly afford yourself the time to respond its value by both doing your homework, and by sitting and evaluating on a daily basis what you have learned, and how best to make good use of it. If you, are like me, you need bring with you an open mind, and a pencil to write down after the session all the clever things you'll be offered in your hour long session. It's very easily lost when your mind is coping with other things. Also bring an open mind. New things and thoughts are sometimes difficult. Afford yourself the time between sessions to really get the most out of your therapy or counselling." (Client C, 13/06/2016).

Be prepared to work together on a solution, don't expect to be provided with all the answers or to be guided to solving the problems by yourself." (Client D, 01/11/2016).

"Give yourself time to work through the information from the sessions". (Client E, 26/01/2018).

"I would just encourage them not to be scared, and to approach the process with an open mind. I was surprised how quickly some quite simple interventions made significant improvements to my condition, with an almost full recovery in 4 months. Best decision I made in years!" (Client F, 02/05/2017).

"Be prepared to work, and that things may be difficult before they get better, but stick with it!" (Client G, 20/04/2017).